Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

There are so many potential hazards that your pet can be exposed to during winter. Here are tips to help keep your pet safe and comfortable.


Many antifreeze contain ethylene glycol as an active ingredient, which is very toxic to pets even in small quantities. Fortunately, there are certain brands that don’t contain ethylene glycol, but these products still need to be kept out of your pet’s reach because they are still toxic if consumed in large amounts.


Pet dogs still need to be taken outside for exercise even in the middle of winter. The freezing temperature and the cold wind can increase your pet’s risk to frostbite. Dogs that are kept outdoors should be provided with good bedding and doghouses that are kept warm 24/7. Even the toughest of pets are vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures, so you should consider letting your pet indoors as the mercury dips below freezing. Or you can also add a doggie door going to the garage or basement where your pet can escape the extreme cold. Read more here.



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