Tooth Problems In Hamsters

Being rodents, hamsters have teeth that never stops growing. They need to grind their teeth down on a regular basis to keep them from being overgrown. And they need to chew on hard objects to accomplish this. You may find your hamster gnawing the bars of their enclosure or you can get wood chews that are available from pet shops. Hard dog biscuits can also be given to hamsters for the purpose. Without something to gnaw on, the hamster’s teeth may become overgrown and possibly puncture mouth structures. By the way, hamsters are one of the few animals that are born with fully developed teeth.

If a hamster breaks a tooth, the opposite tooth may overgrow because it has nothing to press upon. The same situation can occur if a tooth grows in a crooked manner or becomes curved, paving the way for the opposite tooth to become overgrown. Many senior hamsters are prone to teeth that break easily or grow crooked, so it is a good idea to check your pet’s teeth regularly. To know more, contact your animal care tips.



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