True or False: White-Coated Cats Are Prone To Deafness

There have been several attempts to answer this particular issue. The most popular assumption is that white cats with blue eyes are often deaf. But scientific investigations have showed that about 31% of these cats can hear normally. Only 37% of blue-eyed white cats were deaf, while 7% of yellow-eyed white cats were deaf. As you can see the figure is a lot less than what many people think.

Deafness is not exclusive to cats with blue eyes. Many breeds of cats that possess white haircoats and different eye colors can also develop hearing problems. A cat with white haircoat and odd-colored eyes is usually deaf on the same side as the blue eye.

Many people think that cats with white haircoats and blue eyes, such as the Main Coon, Turkish Angora, Devon Rex, to name a few, are born deaf because of their characteristic color, but this is not always true in all cases. To learn more, set an appointment to your vet.



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