Preventing Dental Disease In Dogs – Encouraging Your Pooch To Chew

preventing-dental-disease-in-dogsChewing is nature’s way of cleaning the teeth and gums. Feeding kibble simply is not enough to keep your pet’s teeth clean and free from plaque and tartar. Dental chews are also a fun and easy way to remove debris from the mouth. But be careful when choosing dental chews because many contain questionable ingredients, such as wheat, artificial coloring, and preservatives, etc.  Also, make sure that it’s a fully digestible, premium dental dog chew. The mechanical effect on the teeth and gums is like chewing raw bones; it’s actually safer for power chewers or dogs that cannot chew raw bones because they have undergone restorative dental work.

Chew toys that are safe and durable can also provide the mechanical and abrasive action on the surface of the teeth and gums.

Regular dental checks performed by your veterinarian will help spot any existing or potential mouth problems that can be promptly and properly addressed. Click on the link to know more details.


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