Reasons Why You Might Want to Share Your Bed with Your Dog

Have a bit of an allergy? Don’t like sleeping surrounded by dog hair? Or maybe you get woken up regularly by your canine companion? There are quite a few reasons why a vet might recommend you forgo sleeping with your pooch, but there are plenty of reasons to share your bed with your pup too!

Fall asleep faster

Have trouble falling asleep? Your dog may be able to help! Canines are very good at decreasing anxiety and promoting calmness, especially when they settle in to sleep. By sharing your bed with your pet, you may actually be able to fall asleep faster than if you place him in a kennel.

Feel more comfortable

It is true that a dog’s tossing and turning can wake you up at night, but the opposite is also possible. Having a canine in the bed may actually make you feel more comfortable.

Having a dog curled up at the end of your bed is a lot like having a portable heater to warm up your feet! Being warm can help you feel more comfortable, which can make for a better night’s sleep.

If you have a close relationship with your dog, you may simply feel more comfortable having him around. He’ll likely be more comfortable getting to spend more time with you too.

Feel more secure

Sleeping with your dog can help you feel more secure too. Unfortunately, break ins aren’t nearly as uncommon as you might think. A security system can help, but nothing compares to having a loyal pooch by your side.

If your dog is sleeping comfortably, you can rest assured that there isn’t anything to worry about. If there is an intruder, even a small breed will bark and make a fuss, alerting you to the danger more quickly than if he wasn’t in your bed.

It can help you build a closer relationship

The more time you spend with your dog, the closer you will become. This can make living with your canine companion a lot more enjoyable, but it can also make training a lot easier. An animal that shares your bed may be more likely to listen later!

Want to sleep with your dog, but not sure how to make it work? Call your pets care tips. They will be able to provide you with professional advice.


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