“Can I Give Rawhide To My Dog?”

Rawhide is made from the inner layer of a cow’s hide. As a treat, rawhide gives pets hours of chewing and stimulation. It is also considered a good dental accessory, keeping a dog’s teeth clean and free from buildup. The mechanical action of chewing exerts pressure and a scraping action on the dog’s gums and teeth. Being made from animal hide, chewing on rawhide is thought to cater to the predator instincts of dogs. Chewing is a natural instinct in canines.

Puppies that are teething can also benefit from rawhide treats. The pain and discomfort brought about by the teething process can be alleviated by chewing on rawhide treats.

Rawhide is a dog-safe treat as long as it has not been added with artificial colorings, flavorings, and other additives.

When giving rawhide to your dog, make sure that it is large enough so it won’t be swallowed whole. While it is true that the rawhide is usually digested over time, its presence in the stomach can make your pet uncomfortable. To know more, visit your Pet Care veterinarian.



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