Tips In Dealing With An Aggressive Cat

Cats can make formidable enemies because they don’t just have one weapon but five! – a mouth full of sharp teeth and four paws with needle-sharp claws. These weapons coupled with a cat’s speed, flexibility, and dexterity can make aggressive cats more difficult to deal with.

If you have an aggressive cat, the best way to deal with them is gentle handling and keeping physical restraint at a minimum. Once a cat’s anger dissipates, you should give them time and space to calm down before proceeding with any form of intervention. However, there are instances when it’s absolutely necessary to administer sedatives or apply full physical restraint.

Aggression in cats can be classified into several categories—it can be induced by fear, sexual, territorial, maternal, irritability, or predatory. Some cats resort to aggressive behavior when they want to achieve or get something. Aggression can also be pain-induced, petting induced, and idiopathic (the cause is unknown). Click here to know more.



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