Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Stealing Food

Dealing with a food that steals food at every opportunity can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the behavior can be corrected using appropriate techniques and approaches.

Train your dog to leave food alone by teaching him the “leave it” command. Most pet owners use clicker training. Make sure to reward him  your pet for desired behavior and always remember that active punishment has no place in this training regimen, or any training program for that matter. But this technique may not work for some dogs that are really aggressive towards food.

Devise a remote punisher for your erring pooch. You can install a motion sensitive ultrasound generator, an acoustic surprise, or a booby trap which can have an intense and long-term anti-stealing effect on some dogs.

Prevent your pet’s access to areas where there is plenty of food. Sequester your dog in an appropriate location, and make sure there is plenty to entertain him while you are cooking or eating. Give him a toy stuffed with some peanut butter or chew toys to while away the time. Some dogs even voluntarily go inside their crate when the food stakes are suitably desirable.

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