Tips To Protect Your Kitty From Toxoplasmosis

toxoplasmosisToxoplasmosis is an infection that is caused by a parasite which can be transmitted via feces and handling of infected meat. Cats that are allowed outdoors and feral cats have higher risks of getting toxoplasmosis. The infection in kittens can become so severe, and many die as a result. Cats that venture outdoors are likely to be more exposed to the parasite because they may eat an animal that is already infected with the parasites. Here are ways you can protect your pet from exposure:

  • Don’t feed your cat uncooked meat, including uncooked bones or entrails. Feed only kibble, canned, or cooked foods.
  • Keep your cat confined indoors. But if you have an indoor-outdoor cat, put a bell or two on your pet’s collar to alert wildlife so he won’t be able to catch any prey.
  • Take measures to prevent your kitty from scavenging in the trash.
  • Carcasses of birds or rodents should be removed and properly disposed of.

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