Visits To The Vet – Desensitization

visits-to-the-vet-desensitizationDesensitization is an important step towards reducing nervousness and anxiety exhibited by pets during visits to the vet. The process of desensitization should start while your pet is still a puppy. Introduce the crate or carrier as early as possible, making sure that your pet has positive memories being in the crate, napping, playing or eating some of his favorite treats.  Once your pet is at ease being inside the crate, you can take him on short rides around the block. Take note that these are only short rides; avoid running errands or visiting other people’s homes even for a short time. While you and your pet are cruising around, speak softly and calmly throughout the trip. Don’t roll down the windows and keep the radio off. Upon arriving home, open the carrier’s door and let your pet get out of the crate on his own. And be quick to reward him with a bite or two of his favorite treat. For more information about this, click on the link.


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