Aggressive Behavior In Pet Reptiles

Some reptiles are more likely to engage in displays of aggressive behavior than others. Anyone who owns a pet reptile should always remember that living in close proximity with humans does not change the fact that they are still wild animals. They have never been domesticated, like cats and dogs, which have been living with humans for thousands of years.

Reptiles often react as an instinct, thus reptile owners should never take their pet’s aggressive behavior personally. Understanding what provoked an attack will go a long way in dealing with the problem.

Defensive Aggression

Reptiles display defensive aggression against a perceived threat or to defend his territory. Some reptiles are prey species; meaning they are at risk of being eaten by predators. These reptiles are usually nervous and may feel threatened when there are sudden movements that occur near them. To avoid displays of aggression, avoid startling your pet reptile. For more information, visit your vet.



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