Can Cats Become Jealous Of Other Pets Or People?

Anything that can change a cat’s daily routine, or affects the attention and privilege that he receives, can make a cat jealous and territorial. The arrival of a new baby, a new spouse, or a new pet can inevitably mean a cat will receive less attention than he previously received. The new pet may also be playing with the cat’s toys or staying in the favorite spots where the cat likes to stay in, making him feel threatened and territorial.

When a cat is jealous, the negative feeling is reflected in his behavior. The cat may growl, hiss, or even swat at the new pet or even the baby. A more subtle reaction is hiding, or a distinct change in their eating habits. The cat may also engage in behavior that they hope would gain them more attention from their humans, such as excessive vocalization or simply being your shadow. Since the cat may also feel that his territory is being threatened, he will start engaging in spray marking sprees. Set an appointment with your vet at this link:



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