Controlling Your Hamster’s Chewing Behavior

Hamsters have quite a few strange behaviors. For example, many pet parents are surprised to find that their furry new friend sleeps the day away and keeps busy all night long! However, one of the most annoying behaviors is chewing.

It’s completely normal for your hamster to chew. His teeth will continually grow throughout his life, so he must keep them neat and trim. But, that doesn’t mean your pet is taking care of his needs the right way!

Here are a few tips from a professional animal hospital on controlling your hamster’s chewing behavior.

If your hamster chews on the cage

It isn’t uncommon for a hamster to chew on his cage, but that doesn’t mean you want him to! This is especially true if you have a plastic cage, because with enough work, your pet can chew a hole big enough for him to escape through.

You may also be worried if your hamster likes chewing on the metal bars of his cage. Although it is true that obsessive chewing on the cage can cause medical problems, it isn’t inherently a problem if your pet likes to chew on metal.

To stop your pet’s bad chewing behavior, consider purchasing an aquarium instead. If your furry friend likes chewing on metal, choose a small stainless steel spoon to put in his cage for him to chew on. You can also try placing lab block or hamster-safe dog biscuits in the chew holes of a plastic cage to discourage further chewing.

Chewing alternatives

If you want to draw your hamster’s attention away from his cage, you need to provide him with plenty of chewing alternatives.

Hamsters like to chew on apple branches, but you can also find wooden accessories at the pet store for your critter to chew on. If he doesn’t seem interested at first, try soaking the wood in a bit of fruit juice or smearing a little peanut butter on the chew toy to peak his interest.

Peanuts left in the shells can keep your hamster busy. A hard roll that spends a little extra time in the oven is a great way to keep your pet from chewing on the cage as well.

To make sure that there isn’t a medical reason for your hamster’s behavior, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your local animal hospital. For more information about this, click on the link.


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