Important Reasons To Groom Your Cat

Some cats may need to be given a bath, while there are those that don’t need a bath for their entire lifetime. The need for regular baths will depend on your pet’s breed, lifestyle, and existing skin problems. Senior cats or those that suffer from arthritis may have trouble grooming “hard to reach” parts of their bodies. Make sure to use the right type of shampoo for cats. And protect your pet’s eyes with eye ointment or a drop of mineral oil on each eye before bathing.

Regular brushing of your pet’s hair coat will keep it clean and free of mats and tangles. Brushing will also help remove loose hair before your pet swallows them during grooming. Brushing your pet’s coat regularly can actually reduce the incidence of hairballs. Long-haired cats need to have their coats brushed every day.

Many cats need to have their nails trimmed. To avoid resistance, cats should get used to having their feet handled while still very young. Installing different types of scratching posts and pads will also help keep your Animal Care pet’s nails well-trimmed.



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