Things Around the House That Are Perfect for Your Rat’s Cage

If you have a rat, you know how curious and intelligent they are! It’s important to spend plenty of time with your furry little friend, which includes providing him with plenty of things to keep him comfortable and entertained.

You can definitely visit the local pet store the next time you need to add something to his cage, but you may be able to find some of the best cage accessories in your very own home!

Old clothing

Looking for a quick and easy way to make the cage more cozy? A professional vet recommends keeping around all that old clothing instead of donating it!

Nearly any kind of fabric can make a cozy blanket in a nesting box. Cut an old robe into strips to make the perfect blankets, or cut the sleeve off a sweater for a warm sleeping tube.

Old socks can be a lot of fun for a rat when you cut the toe open! You can even make your own hammock out of an old pair of jeans!

Cardboard and toilet paper tubes

Rats love to chew, so why not give them something to chew on? Instead of spending a fortune on special accessories at the store, go shopping in your home for a little cardboard!

You can build nesting boxes out of old cardboard. This is especially easy if you have a little box. All you have to do is cut a hole in one side!

Cutting the cardboard into strips can be a lot of fun for a rat to play with and chew on. Even toilet paper and paper towel tubes are a lot of fun when placed in a cage! Just make sure that you switch them out often as they get soiled, dirty, and chewed on.

Cat toys

Looking for something new and fun for your rat to play with? Consider placing a few cat toys in the cage!

Rats love to inspect new things, and they can even learn to play fetch! Crinkle balls are an especially good choice, but nearly any small toy will do. Even a crumpled up piece of paper works well for tossing back and forth with your furry little friend!

Need help outfitting your rat’s cage with all the right accessories? Your local vet can provide you with plenty of professional advice. For more information about this, click on the link.


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