Some Things You Can Do To Make Life Easier for Your Blind Dog

Dogs of whatever age can suffer from vision problems. Without any support and help from their owners, blind dogs can develop feelings of anxiety and insecurity. These dogs will benefit from extra care and consideration from their owners. Pet owners should make an effort to give their visually impaired dogs a normal life as possible. This means not making any major changes inside the home so your dog won’t be bumping into things. They can navigate their way around the home by memory.

With loss of vision, the other senses will jump in to compensate. Their sense of smell will become more sensitive than ever. They will be able to tell what room they are in or the person near them by the scent. However, strong-smelling products, like air fresheners or anything perfumed or scented, may affect how a blind dog Pets Health perceives his immediate surroundings.



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