Some Reasons Why Your Dog Is Chewing His Paws

There are a variety of reasons –physical and behavioral— behind why dogs chew their paws. Fortunately, some of them can be resolved.

  • Allergies

In addition to digestive upsets and hay fever-like symptoms, dogs that suffer from allergic reactions to something in their environment or food can also have itchy feet or paws, and they tend to spend their time chewing at their paws in an effort to find relief from the irritation.

  • Flea Infestation

Dogs with a heavy flea population can suffer from intense itching and irritation all over their bodies. More so for dogs that are prone to flea sensitivity. Even a few fleabites can already trigger intense itching for these hypersensitive dogs. Fleas can also hide in between a dog’s toes causing itching and irritation.

  • Injuries

Any injury to the paw or feet can be a source of pain and annoyance. This can cause a dog to lick and/or limp and display other signs of pain and discomfort.

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