When Do Pups Start To Sleep Through The Night?

Puppies need to get used to a daily routine while they are still very young. Their daily routine should include having a fixed time for meals, exercise, play, daytime naps, and sleep. Structured activities during the day should be geared towards training your puppy to have a long sleep at night. Take note that training your pet to sleep through the night can take some time, considering that you are still in the process of getting used to your pet’s needs and natural body rhythm.

While still very young, puppies need to use the toilet at night at regular intervals, and this is inevitable. But as your pup grows, and as routines are established, they will soon be able to sleep longer at night without waking up to go potty. Puppies as young as three to four months of age will begin to spend 6-8 hours sleeping at night. But some puppies can take up to 6 months for their daily routine to really stick. Consult your pets’ health care for details.



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