Causes of Septic Arthritis In Rabbits

Septic arthritis is a very painful type of arthritis that affects rabbits. It is caused by the so-called pyogenic bacteria, a very large group of bacteria which include Pasteurella, Staphyloccocci, and many species of anaerobic bacteria which are able to survive without any need for oxygen.

The bacterial infection usually starts from somewhere else in the rabbit’s body and the bacteria can migrate to other parts of the body, including their joints, causing septic arthritis and all of the problems associated with the condition. Dental disease, an upper respiratory tract infection, or a wound that becomes infected has also been identified as important predisposing factors of septic arthritis.

Rabbits that have higher risks of developing septic arthritis are those that have suffered long-term bacterial infection, or traumatic injury, or those with immunosuppressive disorders.

Generally, vets would prescribe a round of antibiotics to fight off the causative bacteria. Make sure that the entire course of antibiotics should be completed to ensure that they will really work. In rare instances, surgery might be needed to address septic arthritis in rabbits. Visit this site for details.

Holland lop rabbit sitting on wood floor

Holland lop rabbit sitting on wood floor


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