Dealing with Urine Stains on Your Bunny

One of the benefits of owning a bunny is the fact that they keep themselves clean. Just like cats, they are great groomers! However, these little critters aren’t perfect. Sometimes they just don’t clean up after themselves like they should.

Here are some tips for dealing with urine stains on your rabbit, according to a professional animal hospital.

Keep the cage clean

Even rabbits that are diligent about grooming can find themselves in a bit of a conundrum if the cage isn’t kept clean. By running through their waste all the time, keeping themselves clean is impossible! That’s why it’s so important to keep the cage clean.

Make sure you replace all the bedding in the cage at least once a week, but you may have to replace it more often if you have more than one animal.

Litter training your rabbit can help, just as long as you make sure to clean the litter boxes frequently. Plan to empty and replace the litter at least once a day.

The fewer chances your rabbit has of walking through his waste, the cleaner he’ll remain.

Use baby wipes

Unfortunately, even keeping the cage clean isn’t enough if you have a disabled bunny or an elderly rabbit. It could even be the case that you’re just dealing with an overweight or lazy animal. A bath may seem like the perfect solution, but a traditional water bath is a bad idea.

Rabbits don’t like water. You can end up causing your pet way more stress than it’s worth. Instead, use fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and hypo-allergenic disposable wipes. Plan to wipe up after your bunny every day or two.

Dry bath

Sometimes, those potty messes get caked on, and getting rid of them with a wet wipe just won’t do the trick. A water bath may seem like the only solution, but it’s not. Try a dry bath instead.

Sprinkle cornstarch on your bunny’s body and work it into his fur. You can also use a cornstarch based baby powder. Just make sure you avoid talc, as it is harmful for rabbits. The powder will soak up any excess liquid and make the fur easier to comb through.

To make sure there isn’t a medical reason for your bunny’s bad grooming behavior, schedule an appointment with your local animal hospital.


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