Vitamin A Deficiency In Pet Birds

Vitamin A deficiency is common in pet birds whose diet is mainly composed of seeds. Vitamin A helps boost the body’s immunity to infection and some parasites. It also promotes appetite and digestion.

The most distinct signs of vitamin deficiency in birds is the staining of the feathers just above the cere. The staining is associated with a discharge from the nostrils. There are subtle differences in the intensity of the color of the cere and feathers, as well as the overall condition of the plumage. Birds that lack vitamin A may also have feathers that are pale and rough-looking. The bird’s cere may appear rough instead of smooth, and there is usually an accumulation of yellow dry scale on the sides of the bird’s beak.

To prevent vitamin A deficiency, give your feathered pet some dark leafy greens and orange-colored fruits and veggies, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apricots, and cantaloupes. Natural sources are highly preferable over nutrients that are synthetically produced. For more information, visit your vet Pets Health.



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