Factors That Can Favor Formation of Hairballs In Cats

Hairballs are more common among long-haired cats and those that spend regular time grooming other cats in the household. Hairballs are formed when the hairs that are swallowed by the cat during grooming get tangled up inside the stomach and remain there instead of passing out with the feces. Cats may cough out or vomit hairballs every now and then, but frequent bouts of vomiting should be brought to the attention of your vet. Here are some factors that increase the possibility of hairball formation:

  • Over-grooming

Over-grooming can be a compulsive behavior that highly favors the formation and coughing up of hairballs. The behavior may be triggered by anxiety, stress, skin parasites, allergies, or skin problems.

  • Digestive Problems

Some health issues that affect stomach and intestinal function can also increase the possibility of hairball formation in cats.

In order to address the problem, steps should be taken to identify the potential trigger factor. A trip to the vet clinic may also help in dealing with the problem. Visit this site and set an appointment.



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