Keeping Potty Messes to a Minimum in Your Rat’s Cage

Animals are messy. That’s just a fact! And it doesn’t really matter what kind of critter you have. Even cats can create quite a stink in the litter box.

However, when it comes to messes, nothing really compares to caged critters. This is definitely the case when it comes to potty messes in a rat’s cage.

Here are some tips for keeping potty messes to a minimum in your rat’s cage, according to a professional animal hospital.

Use litter boxes

Did you know that you can train a rat to use the litter box? You can! However, it does look different than training a cat to use a litter box.

First, the box is smaller. Choose one that allows your pet to turn around a full 360 degrees comfortably. Instead of putting cat litter in the box, put bedding in the box.

Rats usually choose the same places to go potty in the cage, so all you should have to do is place the box in an area where he already goes to the bathroom. You can try reinforcing the behavior by providing your pet with a treat immediately after he uses the box. If your furry friend goes potty in more than one area of the cage, get more than one box.

Clean up potty messes every day

If you want your pet to keep using the litter box, you have to make sure that you clean it out once a day. You may have to clean it out more than once a day if you have more than one rodent.

Although you can litter train these critters, their potty habits aren’t perfect. You should plan on picking up a few droppings and soiled bedding every once in a while too.

Try a single level cage

Having trouble getting your rat to use the litter box? This is especially a problem in multi-level cages. If your critter goes potty all over the platforms in his cage, you may want to consider a single level cage instead. Just make sure you choose a new cage that is larger, since it will be utilizing less vertical space.

Looking for more tips on keeping your rat’s cage clean? Or maybe you could use more potty training tips? Give your local animal hospital a call. They would love to help! Learn More Here.


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