Does A Cold, Wet Nose Mean A Dog Is Healthy?

While having a cold, wet nose can indicate wellness in cats and dogs, it should not be considered as the sole indicator of an animal’s overall health. Some pets have a nose that’s warm and dry but are still healthy; perhaps their nasal glands don’t secrete as much mucus or they fail to lick their nose as much. On the other side of the coin, an ill pet can also have a cold, wet nose.

A thin layer of mucus that lines a dog’s nose helps absorb scent chemicals. Licking their noses present the dissolved scents to the olfactory glands where scent and taste receptors are present on the roof of the mouth. In effect, having a cold wet nose can also contribute to a dog’s keen sense of smell. Moist noses also help regulate a dog’s body temperature by helping them cool down. Dogs don’t have efficient ways to let off body heat. Click this link to know more:



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