Deafness In Senior Dogs

Loss of hearing is one of the age-related changes that can affect senior dogs. The problem could also be a result of a health issue, such as an inflammation of the inner or outer part of the ear due to a ruptured ear drum or the presence of a tumor. If your dog is going deaf, he may have trouble heeding commands and the handicap can certainly have a negative impact on his life. To help your dog adjust to his disability, you may need to make certain adjustments to your pet’s lifestyle and make things easier for him.

Early signs of hearing loss may not always be obvious. For many dogs, loss of hearing happens gradually over time. Some common signs that you should watch out for include unresponsiveness to commands and failure to come when called by his name. Your pooch may no longer respond to any loud or unexpected noises in his immediate environment. Cal your veterinarian to know more.

American Bulldog. Portrait On A Grey Background


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