Treatment Options Of Anemia In Cats

Anemia is not really a disease in itself but an important symptom of an underlying health problem. Severe cases of anemia warrants immediate treatment for it can be fatal. If you notice that your cat has pale gums, is lethargic, and appears to have low stamina and energy, a visit to your vet can help diagnose the problem. Your vet will perform several tests, such as complete blood count, urinalysis, tests for viruses, tests for parasites, and tests for bacteria, to name a few. If your pet is found to be suffering from a health problem that is causing the anemia, your vet will then formulate an appropriate treatment plan to address your pet’s health issue.

A blood transfusion may be necessary if the anemia is severe and life-threatening. This can stabilize your pet’s body and vital signs as your vet takes steps to identify what is causing the anemia, and when treatments are being administered. Depending on the findings of the tests conducted by your vet, treatment medications could range from deworming medications and corticosteroids, to other medications, and even surgery. For more details, consult your veterinarian.



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