Cat Grooming – What’s The Purpose Of A De-Shedding Tool?


A de-shedding tool will come in handy when you have a dense-furred cat whose hair coat is made up of 2 layers – a longer topcoat where the hairs are coarser, and a softer undercoat made up of finer fur. The double-layered coat creates a warm blanket during cold weather as warm air is trapped under the layers of fur.

A de-shedding tool is designed to enable pet owners and groomers to reach past the longer and coarser outer layer of hair to remove the inner hair coat before they become tangled and matted. Regular use of a de-shedding tool will help protect the hair coat for future growth while keeping the surface of the cat’s skin clean, stimulated, and properly aired. Take note that a de-shedding tool is not used to cut hair, but it is very useful in removing hair that has already fallen off from their hair follicle before it can fall off to the floor or ground. For more information about clients, click on the given link.


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