Stud Tail In Cats

Cats with stud tail have tails that are greasy or waxy to the touch. Also, the skin appears somewhat darker at the tail’s base than the tip or anywhere else in the body. The condition is actually similar to acne in humans, but in cats it’s the tail which is affected. Just like human acne, stud tail actually occurs in cats as they enter puberty. Hormonal changes during this period of development can cause excessive production of oil. The buildup of oil creates a perfect environment for blackheads to form. However, stud tail can also develop in adult cats.

Did you known that stud tail can actually spread to the back of a cat? Affected cats suffer from pain and discomfort, and the tail emits an undesirable odor when it becomes infected by yeast and/or bacteria.

Stud tail is actually a skin problem and not a problem that concerns the cat’s hair coat. The greasiness is brought about by hundreds of blackheads that have developed on the skin of the tail in between the shaft of hair. To know more, click this website.



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