What Is The Appropriate Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio In Pets?

It is a fact that many types of food that contain low amounts of calcium are high in phosphorus; also, many foods that are rich in calcium can also have equally high phosphorus content. It is for this reason that the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio in the diet can be a challenge to meet unless the proper minerals are incorporated. Take note that giving calcium and phosphorus at the correct ration is of optimum importance. The correct ration is 1.2:1, which is approximately 1.2 parts of calcium for 1 part phosphorus.

The requirement for calcium and phosphorus in cat and dogs significantly increases during peak growth and lactation. The amount significantly decreases when cats and dogs are already half grown and during the last trimester of pregnancy. Adult pets that are non-reproducing require the least amount of both minerals in the diet. Consult your pets’ health care to know more.



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