How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth


Regular tooth-brushing is an important component of a home dental regimen for pets. Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly helps keep teeth and gums free of plaque and bacteria. Start introducing a home dental regimen to your pet while he is still very young so it will be easier for him to get used to the procedure. You can buy a special toothbrush that is specially designed for pets at pet stores; these toothbrushes are actually softer than the ones being used by people.

When brushing, the toothbrush bristles should be at a 45-degree angle to your animal’s teeth; use an oval motion to brush the teeth, paying particular attention to the gum line because it is here where most plaques develop, specially the outer gum line.

As for toothpaste, get one that is specially formulated for pets.  Never use your toothpaste because it may contain ingredients that can upset your pet’s digestive system.  For more information about Dream Team Elite, click on the given link.


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