Basic Essentials For Pet Hamsters

Pet hamsters need more than just a comfortable and safe enclosure. They will thrive with lots of physical and mental stimulation.

When buying an enclosure for your hamster, steer clear of those colorful and eye-catching interlocking plastic tubes. The tubes tend to be narrow and hamsters can get stuck inside; also, they are difficult to clean. A wire cage is much better because it’s easier to clean and maintain.

When choosing a wire cage, look for one that has a solid plastic bottom made of that extends a few centimeters up the surrounding walls of the cage. This will go a long way in keeping the enclosure’s immediate surroundings free of any bedding. There is also adequate ventilation when hamsters are placed in wire cages, considering that they are very sensitive to high temperatures.

To get your pet hamsters moving, place a hamster wheel inside their enclosure. Make sure it has solid plastic wheels as they’re much safer than those made of wire. To know more, visit your vet.



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