Safety Tips For Puppy Socialization

A puppy’s period of socialization should start when they’re 3 weeks old until they are 12 weeks old. As you can see, socialization begins and ends before a puppy has received his first rounds of vaccination. However, this should not prevent a puppy from receiving appropriate socialization because this is a very critical period in their development. Here are important safety tips that you should remember so you will be able to protect your pet from certain health issues and other major concerns:

  • Avoid dog parks, malls, and other places where dogs usually congregate.
  • If you are planning to enroll your puppy in puppy daycare, make sure he has completed the first round of required vaccines.
  • Carry your puppy in places that you are unsure of or when passing yards where dogs may also roam around in.
  • If you are bringing your puppy to the beach, carry him across spots frequented by other dogs and let him stay on the sand near the edge of the water.

Consult your pets’ health care for more information.



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