What Causes Ear Problems In Cats?

A cat’s predisposition to ear problems is often influenced by the shape and conformation of the ear. Most ear problems can be addressed successfully if the underlying cause is identified. There are two main categories of ear problems in cats based on the underlying cause.

Primary Causes

Primary causes of ear infection in cats include ear mites, allergies, and growths in the ear canal. These factors are in general associated with inflammatory conditions in the ears of cats.

Secondary Causes

These include species of bacteria and fungi which are recognized as important secondary invaders in ear problems of cats. When these factors are present, symptoms may persist even after the primary cause has been addressed.

A potential ear problem may be suspected when your kitty keeps on shaking his head and scratching his ears. If the infection has reached the middle ears, certain neurological signs may also be exhibited. Visit your Pets Health vet to know more.



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