Is Your Kitty Ill?

Cats are renowned for a very high pain threshold, so much so that most cat parents will only realize their pet is in pain when the problem is already serious and well-advanced. However, there are small distinct changes that an observant pet owner will be able to notice when he takes the time and effort to spend time interacting with his pet on a daily basis. Doing so can certainly spell a world of difference between distinguishing a healthy cat and one that requires veterinary attention.

Regular grooming and cuddling your kitty can give you an idea about the normal feel and appearance of his body. A bald spot or a new lump should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention immediately.

Unexplained loss or changes in appetite, activity level, temperament, elimination patterns, etc. should never be ignored because they may indicate a potentially serious health problem. Visit this website to learn more.



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