Things To Remember When Allowing Your Pet To Sleep With You On Your Bed

things-to-remember-when-allowing-your-pet-to-sleep-with-you-on-your-bedIf you’re one of those pet owners who love having their pets sleep with them in their bed, you should know that there have been some major concerns expressed by experts, especially regarding hygiene and dominance issues. But if you still think that the practice is worth the risks, these tips may help you address some of these concerns:

  • Teach your pet that access to your bed should depend on your terms. He should learn to wait until you issue the command allowing him up to your bed. While you’re already in bed, let him stay or stay on the floor beside the bed for about 10 minutes before inviting him up.
  • Your dog should know what part of the bed he should occupy—near your foot or on your side; and he should stay on it without pushing, pawing, or nudging you.
  • Your dog should learn to view the bed as a place to rest or sleep in. And he should learn this early on. Playing and toys should never be allowed while you’re on the bed.
  • Be firm and consistent in establishing and implementing rules for co-sleeping. For more Animal Health Tips, visit the link.

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