Tips When Checking Out Catteries In Your Area

A cattery is a place where cat parents can leave their pets for safekeeping while they are traveling. Even if you have no plans to travel yet, it is a good idea to check out the catteries in your area long before you make any travel plans. This will help ensure that you are entrusting your pet’s health and welfare with a properly managed facility.

Make a list of catteries that come highly-recommended and take time to evaluate each one by visiting each one so you can have a closer look at their facilities and talk to the staff. While you’re there, here are some details that you should pay particular attention to:

Are there individual pens for each cat?

Since the cats are from various homes, they should be accommodated in separate enclosures which should be designed with a ‘sneeze barrier’ in between enclosures; the purpose of a ‘sneeze barrier’ is to prevent fighting and transmission of health conditions and parasites.

Does the facility have a communal run?

A cattery that is well-managed should NEVER have a communal run. Cats are not as socially inclined as dogs, and being in close contact with other cats that are unfamiliar to them, can stress them out. There is also the possibility of disease or parasite transmission. Ask your vet for more details.



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