What to Expect When You Bring Home a Mouse

Dogs are common pets. So are cats. Because they’re so common, most people have a general idea of what to expect when they bring one of these animals home. What about other critters? What can you expect when you bring a mouse home?

Plan to spend time with your mouse

Unlike some caged critters, mice actually like spending time with their owners! They’re very social animals, and they’re pretty smart too. A pet clinic recommends you spend at least a little time with your new buddy every day. The more time you spend with your mouse, the more likely he will be to look forward to spending time with you. Don’t be surprised if he wakes up and walks to the door every time you enter the room!

They’re nocturnal

Mice sleep during the day and spend most of their time awake at night. That means you’ll probably end up spending the most time with your mouse in the morning and in the evening, as he’s waking up and getting ready for bed.

It’s important to keep this in mind when it comes to cage placement. Many mice like to pass the time by running on a wheel, which could keep you up at night if the cage is in your bedroom.

Not everyone is going to think your mouse is as cute as you do

This is an important one because it can come as a surprise to first-time mouse owners. Although you think your furry little friend is absolutely adorable, not everyone will.

Some people have an aversion to rodents. Hopefully, your mouse can change their opinion, but don’t expect it. Don’t be offended if people come to visit your home and show no interest in meeting your pet, and don’t expect people to be excited that you’re bringing one home.

Don’t expect your mouse to live very long

Many of us become very attached to our pets. Unfortunately, mice don’t live very long. Understanding this fact can make having one a lot easier.

In general, mice live less than two years. Keep your critter in good health and he may make it to two. To make sure your furry little friend lives a long and happy life, schedule an appointment with your local pet clinic. Learn more here.


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