Important Factors Essential To A Dog’s Dental Care Routine

There are 2 indispensable factors involved in a pet’s dental care regimen – oral examination and dental cleaning.

Proper veterinary dental care should be introduced while a puppy or kitten is still very young. As they grow older, they can have developmental abnormalities; have plaque and tartar buildup, oral tumors, and tooth and gum problems.

A veterinarian will carry out an oral examination on the patient. Dental cleaning may be necessary, and your pet may be placed under general anesthesia. Patients often receive insufficient dental care without a dental procedure that involves general anesthesia; and this can certainly increase the risk for periodontal disease.

Of equal importance are annual visits to your veterinarian coupled with a home dental care regimen that involves brushing your pet’s teeth every day. Experts recommend that tooth-brushing should start while your pet is still very young so he will get used to the process. The introduction of the procedure should be made gradually so your pet will learn to tolerate having his gums and teeth touched and rubbed. More animal care tips here.



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