Stages of Puppy Development

In general, there are 5 stages in the growth and development of puppies. Pet owners should have ample knowledge about each developmental stage so they will be able to meet the puppy’s needs adequately.

Neonatal Period (0-2 weeks)

From the day of whelping until 2 weeks of age, puppies only have the sense of taste and touch. They are entirely dependent on their mother for their survival and wellbeing.

Transitional Stage (2-4 weeks)

As they enter their second week, the puppies’ sense of hearing and smell starts to develop. The baby teeth also start erupting through the gums, and their eyes will also start to open. It is also at this stage when they will start interacting with their littermates.

Stage 3 (3-12 weeks)

This is considered as the most important stage in the growth and development of puppies.  Weaning occurs during this time and puppies are now ready to be brought to new homes between 7-9 weeks of age.

Ranking Period (3-6 months)

If you have a multi-dog household, you will soon see your new puppy practicing his dominance and submission skills, on both canine and human members of the pack.

Adolescence (6-18 months)

This is the final stage of puppy development. As an adolescent, his body will start producing hormones that will have a significant influence in his Pet Care behavior.



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