Feeding Tips For Box Turtles

Did you know that pet box turtles are prone to chronic nutritional problems? However, this can be avoided by feeding a diet that is balanced and appropriate for them. Also, variety in their diet is very important. Knowing which types of food your pet would like to eat, and what can tempt even the most finicky box turtles to eat, will go a long in guaranteeing that your pet’s dietary needs are sufficiently met.

Typically, the diet of pet box turtles is composed of the following servings:

50% – Should be composed of animal or high-protein food such as earthworms, slugs, snails, crickets, baby mice, grasshoppers, and even whole-skinned chopped mice. Other practical protein options include vitamin-fortified pet food, but make sure that pet food won’t exceed 5% of the turtle’s total intake. Pet foods are rich in vitamins, fats, and protein.

50% — Plant components (25% fruit and 75% vegetables); Fruits lack essential minerals so they are only given in small amounts. Box turtles are also fond of dark leafy greens.

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