Cats And Constipation


In cats, constipation usually indicates an underlying health issue. The cause will largely depend on the cat’s age and overall health. Sometimes it can be due to food intolerance, or a low-fiber diet. However, constipation can also be a red flag that signifies something else that is going on which needs prompt veterinary attention.

The water intake of senior cats is often way lower than what is healthy for them. They become more prone to constipation because of their difficulty in maintaining safe levels of hydration. This is also one important factor associated with kidney problems, where the kidneys are unable to concentrate urine, and there is also an overall loss of fluid.

Cats with “megacolon” are also prone to constipation. The problem is characterized by abnormal contraction of the intestine, which can eventually lead to constipation.

A visit to your veterinarian can help identify the cause of your cat’s constipation so that it can be properly addressed.  For more details about buy veterinary practice click on the given link.


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