Important Factors That Contribute To Wool Sucking In Cats

There are several factors that can contribute to wool-sucking in cats. And these include early weaning and lack of socialization; the undesirable behavior may also be caused by the following:

Breed predisposition

Some breeds of cats, such as the Siamese and other Oriental breeds, are more predisposed to sucking wool and other types of soft fabrics. One possible explanation is that compared to other cat breeds, Siamese cats need to spend more time with their mother before they are weaned,


Some cats that have overcome their wool-sucking habits may revert back to engaging in the behavior when exposed to specific environmental stressors. Common stressors include the arrival of a new family member, moving to a new home, a change in the household’s daily routine, redirected aggression, or even the death of a family member can be very stressful situations to cats; wool-sucking gives these cats some comfort as they deal with the situation. See details here.



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