When Is A Dog Considered A Senior?

Large breed dogs are considered seniors when they are about 6-7 years of age; on the other hand, small breeds are not thought of as senior dogs until they are in their teen years.

As a rule of thumb, a dog that is 7 years or older is already considered to be entering their senior stage in life.

While each dog is unique, some general things to anticipate as your dog enters the golden years include the following:

Slowing down

As dogs age, they tend to slow down. The change may not be as obvious in some dogs. But if you look closely enough, you may notice distinct changes in the way your pet gets up, lays down, or when going up and down the stairs. Mobility and flexibility are often greatly affected by arthritis which is quite common among senior dogs.

Hearing loss

A dog’s ability to hear significantly diminishes with age. There is nothing much to be done about age-related deafness; still, a visit to the vet for a thorough checkup can help determine if hearing loss is caused by an underlying health issue. More Pet Health Tips here.



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