Why Potty Accidents Are Common Among Arthritic Cats

Arthritis causes joints to become inflamed, making climbing in and out of a litter box quite difficult and very painful. About 70% of geriatric cats have arthritis, although they try their very best to conceal any signs of pain and discomfort until such time that the pain and discomfort become too much to bear, and complications may have set in.

When it hurts to get into and out of the litter box, the cat may start looking for a more comfortable place to heed to the call of nature. Some cat owners address this problem by using a plastic box-size storage container, because the sides are way lower than that of a regular litter box. A disposable aluminum bake ware can also be used for the purpose.

Since arthritic pets also have difficulty going up and down stairs, it is a good idea to place a litter box on each floor so it will be easy and convenient for them to use the litter box anytime they need to do their business. Click here to know more.



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