Tips For Litter Box Maintenance

When their litter box is not properly cleaned and maintained, cats won’t have second thoughts about going somewhere to do their thing.  Cat parents should recognize the importance of keeping their pet’s litter boxes spic and span. The litter box should be cleaned thoroughly so there will be no residual odors that the cat’s keen sense of smell can easily detect.

Here are some way that promote proper litter box maintenance:

  • As a rule of thumb, the number of litter boxes in the household will depend on the “The One + One Rule”. In other words one litter box should be allotted for each cat plus one extra box.

  • Create litter stations which are very useful in multi-cat households. A litter station can have room for more than one cat at a given time. The design of the litter station also makes the task of scooping and cleaning easier.

  • Place the litter box in areas with less household traffic so the cats can have privacy when doing their thing. Also, make sure that it’s away from home appliances that are noisy, and there should also be an easy route to escape in when a cat perceives a potential threat such as bullying by another cat. Click this website to know more.


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