Why Some Dogs Walk Around In Circles

One important reason why some dogs walk around in circles is vestibular disease, a problem that involves the vestibular system, which is responsible for helping an animal maintain equilibrium or balance. As the animal loses its sense of balance, he may start walking around in circles; head tilting may also be present while the dog walks around with a wobbly gait. He may also have a hard time keeping himself steady while standing. Some even fall over and are not capable of getting up or walking around even for a short period of time. The dog may also exhibit involuntary movement of the eye.

If the cause cannot be established, the problem is said to be idiopathic. It is usually seen in geriatric dogs or cats. Since there are also other potential causes of head tilting in dogs, there is a need for your veterinarian to subject your pet to a thorough physical exam and perform specific laboratory tests to eliminate other potential causes, such as middle ear infection, digestive problems, eye problems, and issues affecting the nervous system, such as a swelling or growth. For more details, click this link: http://worlddogpress.net/


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