How To Deal With A Hamster That Bites

Hamsters that don’t receive sufficient socialization and interaction with humans tend to nip or bite when they’re afraid, frightened, or nervous. Take note, however, that displays of aggressive behavior by a hamster should be considered as their defense mechanism. It is possible to tame pet hamsters; with time, effort, and tons of patience, you will soon have a pet that eats from your hand and allow you to hold him.

Here are some tips to taming your pet hamster:

  • When cleaning your pet’s enclosure, use a glass to lead him to a corner then scoop him up gently; make sure to tip the glass upright.

  • In case the hamster leaps out of your hands and you have a hard time trying to pick him up again, scoop him up using a thick towel so you can return him to his enclosure.

  • With their poor eyesight, your fingers might be mistaken for food if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly before handling your hamster.

  • If your hamster tends to nip or bite, use thick gloves to protect your hands. But this should only be temporary because it can be stressful for your pet. Also, since your hand is covered, he won’t be able to get familiar with your scent.

  • If your hamster bites your hand, NEVER shake your hand off to extricate him. Using your other hand, gently remove the hamster. Always think that your hamster’s behavior is fueled by fear and anxiety. Even if the bite hurts, never ever yell or hit the hamster for this can only lead to more serious behavior problems. Schedule an appointment here.


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