Important Factors That Can Have An Effect On A Cat’s Personality

Like people, cats are unique when it comes to their individual personalities. There are several important factors that can exert a significant influence on a cat’s personality and these include the following:


Purebred cats already possess distinct characteristics that can help tell apart them from other breeds. These features include body conformation, as well as personality. Reputable cat breeders do their best to have cats and offspring that fit in to the established standards of the breed. It is interesting to mention that cats of the same breed often have more or less the same personalities.


A cat’s environment has a profound effect on the personality of cats; this is especially noticeable in mixed breed cats or the so-called moggies. The environment inside a cat’s home, including interactions and bonding sessions between pet and humans can also have an influence on a cat’s personality. Cats will benefit being in a positive environment with constant positive interaction with their humans. For more information, contact your animal care tips.


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