Potty Issues And Behavior Problems In Dogs And Cats

Potty Issues And Behavior Problems In Dogs And Cats.jpg

Inappropriate elimination in dogs and cats may be one important manifestation of certain behavior problems. These behavior problems may have developed as a result of certain important factors such as sudden changes in the animal’s daily routine and activities. Being creatures of habit, sudden changes that affect their day to day lives can become important stressors that can eventually pave the way for potty accidents to be committed.

Pets thrive on consistency thus pet owners should be careful about making sudden changes in the home that can have a significant impact on their pet’s daily routine. When changes are inevitable, pet owners should take steps to help their pets through the transition period.

Dogs with separation anxiety or those that suffer from boredom may also commit potty problems. Getting to the bottom of your pet’s behavior problem can go a long way in addressing it appropriately. For more details, click here.



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