Tips In Dealing With A Pet Hamster That Bites

Hamsters that don’t experience frequent handling and interaction tend to display aggressive behaviors, and may bite or nip if touched or picked up. The behavior is quite common among new pet hamsters, especially those that come from pet stores. Their aggression is a result of their fear and anxiety; it is but a form of defense mechanism. By nature, hamsters are not deliberately mean or aggressive creatures.

If you have a pet hamster that engages in aggressive behavior, you should step in immediately and nip he problem in the bud. But be ready to devote a lot of time, as well as tons of patience and effort to correct the behavior. Your training efforts will be aimed at earning the trust of your hamster.

The initial step is aimed at letting the hamster get used to your presence as you sit near his enclosure and talk to him. Hamsters are  nocturnal creatures and they can greatly benefit from these interactions during the evening when they’re most active. As you lengthen the time you spend around your hamster, he will soon get used to your presence, voice, and scent. Make sure to avoid physical contact with your hamster during the first few days in his new home so he will have enough time to adjust to the new surroundings without the added stress of being touched or handled.

After a wee, try placing your hand inside the hamster’s enclosure, but make sure to take little steps. Place your hand a little bit further inside the door or on top of the enclosure each day. But never attempt to touch the hamster. In time, his curiosity will get the better of him and he will soon approach and sniff your hand. Once he does this, the next step will be to place some treats on your hand during the next few days. Eventually he will come over to your hand to eat. Once he is comfortable eating the treats from your hand, start petting him, and if it’s not met with resistance, try scooping him up using both hands; form a cup with your hands and avoid gripping his back as you scoop him up. Schedule an appointment here.


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